Is it Slow to Act ?

This is a popular but highly mistaken belief amongst the people that Homoeopathy is slow to act. This, of course is a myth. In acute illnesses when the infection is growing at a fast rate, nobody, not even the homoeopath, can afford to to wait for slow, passive action. The speed of therapeutic response is of utmost importance. The properly selected remedy with the right potency and dosage works with unbelievable speed.
Do I have to stop allopathic or other treatment with homoeopathic medicine ?

It will not be advisable to immediately stop the allopathic medicines as this may lead to unwarranted withdrawal symptoms as the body is used to taking those medicines.
The sudden-withdrawal effect of these potent drugs can be extremely harmful and it should be done very systematically and step by step. The dosage of allopathic medicine should gradually be decreased, while that of homoeopathic be increased.
Does the disease increases after taking treatment ?

Very occasionally after taking a homoeopathic medicine the symptoms could become slightly worse. But this is a good sign and It indicates that the medicine selected is enhancing the body’s natural forces to heal itself. There is no cause for alarm as the effect is mild and transient. This may or may not be felt in all cases and should not last for more than 48 hours.
Can Homoeopathic medicines be given during pregnancy and to infants?

Homoeopathic medicines are safe to take throughout pregnancy and lactation for ailments relating to this condition. They have no side-effects on the unborn foetus or the newborn child.
In what areas is Homoeopathic treatment more effective?

It is a complete medical science which has remedies for psychological, pathological and physiological disorders – and it also helps end drug- induced disorders. It works on a wide spectrum of illnesses like respiratory diseases, skin diseases, allergies, gastric diseases, etc and the actions of the medicines depends upon the selection and administration.
Do Homoeopathic medicines have an expiry date?

All Dr.Reckeweg-Germany products manufactured wef July’12 would have Expiry displayed on label. As currently Indian drug rules do not mandate Expiry for Imported homoeopathic products, in due course all products will bear Expiry date. As Homoeopathic medicines is made from natural products hence, if stored under the proper conditions, i.e. a normal, dry place and away from fumes and strong odours, the medicines will remain effective for many years.Once dispensed in sugar globules they do not remain effective for more time as the medicine may evaporate.
Till what time should a Homoeopathic medicine be taken?

Till the time the symptoms are not completely gone it should be continued and thereafter gradually decreased in frequency.
Can my pet be treated with Homoeopathy?

Animals respond well to homoeopathy. They are safe to use for puppies and kittens, for old animals and pregnant pets. From horses to hamsters, from Chihuahuas to chinchillas, whether with fur, feather or scales, homoeopathic treatments are effective. . At any time of their life, homoeopathy is an ideal therapy.

There are an increasing number of veterinary doctors in India and abroad practicing Homoeopathy and Dr.Reckeweg & Co, even has a whole series of specialties dedicated to veterinary medicine, though these are not currently marketed in India.